I Saint Petersburg International Youth Summit of Tech Brokers, Inventors and Rationalizers


About the project

The International Youth Summit of Techno-brokers, Inventors and Rationalizers is held in a hybrid form on May 24-26, 2023 in St. Petersburg with the participation of Russian specialists and specialists from foreign countries, with the exception of Russian legal entities and individuals committing unfriendly acts against the Russian Federation.

The summit is held for companies and developers of industrially applicable technical solutions (including inventions, utility models, industrial designs, rational proposals, technical proposals for improvements) designed for various spheres of life and sectors of the economy.

The Summit is timed to coincide with the Russian Entrepreneurship Day on May 26. The Summit is attended by young specialists - both representatives of companies of growing businesses - Small innovative enterprises, start-ups, accelerators, as well as residents of technoparks and entrepreneurs who have long entered the market and formed their positions. The business part of the summit includes conference, engineering-production and exhibition parts.

Within the framework of the congress part of the business program, leading industry experts speak, TED lectures and master classes of experts, representatives of the business community are held, the international Assembly of Technology and Innovation Support Centers (TISCs) «TISC-2030: Multifunctional Services of the Intellectual Property Institution and the Development of the B2 B#В2С Ecosystem» is held.

The exhibition and fair part includes a fair for industrially applicable technical solutions and presentation areas for the Summit participants. The work of the engineering and production zone allows to demonstrate the capabilities of technical solutions and prototypes of developers.

The summit participants will have the opportunity to see new prospects and the trajectory of further business and professional development, sign agreements and establish research and production teams.

The selection of summit participants is carried out on the basis of experience of creative and inventive activities, as well as business achievements that a potential participant presents in a questionnaire posted on the Summit website. Guests attend the Summit with a guest ticket by registering on the website.

Within the framework of the Summit, an organizational and technological platform for business communication of talented young people from different countries is being formed, designed to strengthen the objective image of Russia abroad, international cooperation and business communications between friendly countries in the field of science and technology.

Working languages of the Summit: Russian, English.

Format: in-person/online

I St. Petersburg International Youth Summit of Tech Brokers, Inventors and Rationalizers IpTech

The Summit is directed by:
Association of TISCs of the Russian Federation

1. Hotel «Russia»
2. St. Petersburg State University of Economics
3. Peter the Great St. Petersburg Polytechnic University
4. St. Petersburg State Electrotechnical University "LETI" named after V.I. Ulyanov (Lenin)

Phone: +7 965-74-74-620
E-mail: summit@tiscs.ru